Tower Bridge experiences last a lifetime
18 February 2016

‘Events should be an experience’ – we hear this all the time. We also hear; ‘we don’t want to have the same dull event that we had last year’ and our favourite; ‘it’s got to be more than just quality catering’. When working in such an iconic venue it’s no wonder we attract so many experiential ‘eventists’ through our doors.

We have seen some amazing things done across our venue spaces, transforming them into works of art and luxury events, but our favourites are when people embrace the Bridge and enhance it instead of detracting from its interior. We know we sound a little Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, but guests often walk in with a request for ‘money can’t buy’ things and what they really want is a once in a lifetime experience. So here’s what we recommend for a true once in a lifetime experience…

  1. Thinking outside the box with your activity

How about playing crochet in the Walkways? Our lovely florists are desperate to ‘grass the joint’ and this would be the perfect pitch for it, so give it a go and try out an English sport at new heights.

  1. Think of what you eat as part of the experience and try your hand at something new

Learn how to make amazing sugar treats. Our friends at Spun Candy will wheel out their fudge shops for the night and set up amongst the brickwork of the Engine Rooms.

  1. Dine with a difference

Our chefs have concocted amazing menus, from smoking savoury éclair domes to doughnuts with a pumpkin twist. There are so many concepts we can play around with. Of course when money is no object, we have Daniel Clifford up our sleeves. When only two Michelin-starred dinning will do, we have him by our side.

  1. The devil is in the detail

TLC doesn’t cost a lot and it’s often the tiny touches that go a long way. The Bridge stands still securely but that doesn’t mean your table centrepieces have to as well. We love the moving centrepieces of London skyline that feature streets, pubs and tube stations named after guests sat at the table.

  1. Use the venue

This is key. Just remember that people will probably only join us once so if it’s a tiny reception after a conference in our North Tower Lounge or a cocktail party in the Walkways, remember to make it your own. Our gift shops are always bursting with ideas but we love to play on our industrial construction. Steam inspiration can transpire through dry ice on canapé stations, smoking cocktails or ‘boiler makers’ on arrival. We love it when people tell the story of the Bridge.

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